Scot Kent
Scot KentPresident
As President and Managing Broker of Supreme Property Management Inc, Scot Kent has over 20 years of professional experience in assisting clients’ residential and commercial real estate needs with property management in the suburbs of Chicago.

When you choose Supreme Property Management, you get much more than a management company.

We will be there for you and your home as trusted advisers, consultants and project managers with one goal in mind—to use our extensive knowledge, experience and passion to make your life easier and protect the value of your investment.

Our objective is to always enhance our clients’ properties physically, financially and environmentally. We will ensure that any problem is handled without any additional costs to you and we are available 24 hours per day. We utilize outstanding licensed contractors to better meet your needs to ensure any issue be handled immediately and accurately.  We will define the scope of repairs; required materials needed, a designated timeframe and provide 3 written estimates prior to any repairs or remodeling be performed. Our proactive attitude offers every aspect of property management, from minor repairs to major repairs and delivers a highly responsive 24/7 coverage.

We work to preserve and enhance the value of every property we manage. With our services, you know that everything from budgets to landscaping to repairs is managed with your best interests in mind.  With us, you have chosen a partnership that you will value.